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Welcome aboard Ocean Arrow Marine.

Olympus Marine - Ellie - 2 - 3_9 orca

Simon Collins, a local Queenslander who grew up with a love for the ocean. Fast forward through years of dedication, bring us the creation of Ocean Arrow Marine - making waves with top-quality boats that don't break the bank.

When he's not navigating the waves, Simon steers the helm at Olympus Loaders, Australia’s No.1 Wheel Loader Specialist since 2019. His 30-year career in heavy machinery laid the foundation for Olympus Loaders, with a goal to deliver top-tier quality to farmers, contractors, and construction companies without the hefty price tag. After several years of success with Olympus Loaders, Simon's commitment to providing top quality products and an accessible price surged on – this time, with a focus on his passion for the sea.

Drawing from his experience as an avid boater, he recognised the pivotal significance of quality in marine vessels. He believes that it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to enjoy all that the Aussie coast has to offer. So, Ocean Arrow Marine was born, dedicated to offering the Queensland coast superior boats without the hefty price tag.

Olympus Marine -Harppon 6
Ocean Small



Harpoon 6.5 Walkaround

Welcome to Harpoon by Ocean Arrow Marine — our premium aluminum boat range. Engineered for excellence, the Harpoon models are ready to take on the waters with grace and grit. Whether you're cruising solo or with a group, these boats promise you a ride you won't forget.


Welcome to Orca Inflatables by Souther Ocean Ocean Arrow Marine - safety, practicality, style, and durability all in one. These boats redefine the way you explore coastal Australia, offering a range of sizes, deck options, and boat materials—Hypalon or PVC. With Orca Inflatables as your best mate on the water, you’re set to unlock the thrill of the boating life for years to come, without breaking the bank.

Orca Inflatables Olympus Marine and MotorSports - Ocean Arrow Marine
OPX Outboards

Unleash the power of innovation with Arrow Marine's exclusive OPX outboards, redefining marine propulsion. Precision-engineered for peak performance, these outboards represent the pinnacle of efficiency and durability. With advanced technology and a commitment to excellence, OPX sets a new standard for outboard motors, propelling your marine adventures to extraordinary heights.

Harpoon Boats Review

David H.

"These guys truly delivered on their promise. Orca Inflatables offered me the quality I needed without draining my bank account. For anyone wanting a reliable boat without the premium price. A lifesaver."

Ocean Arrow Marine Review

Sarah W.

"Dealing with Ocean Arrow Marine was a breeze! The team's assistance in picking out the right fit for me was great,

couldn't be happier."

Orca Inflatables Review

Robert P

"Orca Inflatables are a game-changer! They hold up like champions. A great bunch of people who understand exactly what you're looking for. "

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